Gud is Made, Not Born

Another Hero Made in Tragic Event

Taylor Winston is the brave US Military veteran who modestly “borrowed” a random truck during the recent attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas to drive injured people to safety.

Often times acts of evil like the one in Las Vegas produce uplifting stories of split-second selflessness.  Winston’s military training and instinct to help others is what primed him for acting quickly, and courageously to save over two dozen lives during automatic gun fire.

Stories like Winston’s set off a positive chain reaction of hope and Gud vibes.  It is people like Taylor who inspire and motivate others to come together, as we should at all times, especially in times of crisis.

Winston’s spark of what some would call good karma, continued days later as B5 Motors awarded him a brand new truck.  The humble vet plans to sell his old truck and continue to pay if forward by donating that money to the survival victims.

For even MORE Gud Vibes from Taylor Winston, check out his inspirational Facebook feed.


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